Photo: Lake Kivu, Rwanda. Copyright 1996. Clea Koff 
Partial Press Archive, by Country

United States

Montgomery Advertiser 16 April 2006

Review by Thomas and Cheryl Upchurch of Capitol Books & News


Glamour April 2005 Heroes Issue

'Grits 101 - A Hero Uncovers the Truth' by Rebecca Webber


NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon 7 August 2004


NPR Inquiry with Mark Lynch 11 July 2004


NOW with Bill Moyers 9 July 2004

A David Brancaccio interview

NPR Talk of the City with Kitty Felde 28 June 2004

Los Angeles Times 9 June 2004

'Interpreter of Tragedies: A forensic sleuth finds hope in the stories she can tell for those silenced in war zones' by John Balzar

WCBM-AM 680 Turning the Tide with Maggie Pascal 6 June 2004

WILL-FM 580 Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn 3 June 2004

Fresh Air  Book Review by Maureen Corrigan 24 May 2004

Dennis Miller 21 May 2004 

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane 13 May 2004

The Leonard Lopate Show 12 May 2004

World News Now with Tamala Edwards 12 May 2004 

XM Satellite Radio 169
 Make It Plain with Mark Thompson 12 May 2004

WAMU 88.5 FM
The Diane Rehm Show 11 May 2004

USA Radio Network
Daybreak USA 11 May 2004

Focal Point with Mimi Geerges 10 May 2004

Voice of America
Talk to America with Don Budd 10 May 2004 

The Washington Post
9 May 2004

'Killing Fields: A young scientist describes her grisly search for evidence of genocide' by Laura Secor (Review)

CNN International
/ Reuters 29 April 2004

'Bones speak to those tracking genocide'  

The New York Times
24 April 2004

'A Bone Woman Chronicles the World's Massacres' by Jane Perlez



The Toronto Star 26 March 2006

'Final Thoughts on Milosevic' by Surya Bhattacharya

The Canadian Press 25 May 2004 

'Bone Woman details scientist's work' by Sheryl Ubelacker


CBC Radio One - As It Happens with Mary Lou Finlay 14 May 2004

The Globe and Mail
8 May 2004

'Speaking for the dead'
by Dawnie Wolfe Steadman (Review)

United Kingdom

The Scotsman 23 May 2004

'Raising the dead' by Claire Scobie


The Guardian 22 May 2004

'Clues and corpses' by Phil Whitaker (Review)


The Scotsman 18 May 2004

'A triumph of will and talent over background and circumstance' by Gavin Esler


Telegraph 2 May 2004

'Don't start me crying. I might never stop' by Alec Russell (Review)


Independent 30 April 2004

'Brave voice of the silent witnesses' by Caroline Moorehead (Review) 


Reuters 29 April 2004

'Bones Talk for Scientist Tracking Genocide' by Paul Majendie


BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour with Jenni Murray 13 April 2004


The Herald (Scotland) 12 April 2004 

'A Life in Death' by Teddy Jamieson 


BBC World Service - Outlook with Heather Payton 7 April 2004


The Times Weekend Review 3 April 2004

'Making Bones Speak' by Giles Whittell


Telegraph Magazine 3 April 2004 

Edited excerpt from The Bone Woman


Interviu June 2004
'El Horror en los huesos' by Inma Munro
El Mundo 10 May 2004
'La antropologia de los genocidos' by Rosa M. Tristan
El Periodico 10 May 2004
'Cuando exhumo un cadaver, peinsa que pudo sentir cuando le mataron' by Margarita Saenz-Diez Trias
La Razón digit@l Reporter week of 9-15 May 2004

'Así hablan los muertos' (Excerpts from El lenguaje de los huesos)


El Diario Montañés 7 May 2004

'Una antropóloga investiga los cadáveres de las matanzas de Ruanda y la antigua Yugoslavia' by Antonio Paniagua


The Netherlands

Marie Claire May 2004

'De Bottenvrouw' by Karolien Knols


Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep 21 May 2004

'The forensic "healer"' by Sebastiaan Gottlieb (text and audio in English)



De Tribune 16 April 2004 jaargang 40 nr. 4

'Bottenvrouw: Clea Koff praat met de doden' by Ronald Kennedy

Tribune 4


KRO De Wandeling 9 April 2004

'Botten vertellen wat in de laatste uren van een mensenleven is gebeurd'


NOVA 7 April 2004

Clea Koff schreef 'De Bottenvrouw'

(Program in Dutch, interview in English with Dutch subtitles)


Flair 13 April 2004

'Clea Koff onderzoekt Botten In Massagraven' by Joanie de Rijke


Libelle April 2004

'Botten dragen een...' by Kristien Verbist


Trendystyle April 2004

'de bottenvrouw: interview met Clea Koff'

Strictly April 2004
'In een massagraf voel ik me pasecht gelukkig' by Patti Coulier

Elle May 2004
'Forensisch Onderzoekster Clea Koff: De Bottenvrouw' by Margot Vanderstraeten
Goed Gevoel May 2004
'Ik word vaak huilendwakker, maar het positieve gevoel overheerst' by Sylvie D'Hoore 

Ebensolch Rez-E-zine
August 2004
'Die Knochenfrau - Rezension' by S. Strohschneider-Laue (Review)
Evolver 30 April 2004
'So traurige, mutige Herzen' by Stefan Becht, in Story: Vier Frauen im Krieg
Maxi April 2006
'Wovon Traumen Sie Nachts, Clea Koff?' by Stefanie Luxat

ZDF Johannes B. Kerner 29 April 2004

Stern 26 April 2004 Issue #10

'Eine Frau Gräbt Nach Wahrheit' by Susanne Weingarten

Esslinger Zeitung 16 April 2004

'Am Abgrund der Humanität' 

Die Welt 3 April 2004  
'Knochen zum Sprechen bringen' by Andrea Seibel (Review)

Associated Press 1 April 2004

'Literatur & Lesen - Vitrine Sachbuch Lasst die Opfer sprechen' by Bettina Schwoch

Die Regensburger Stadtzeitung April 2004


Australia and New Zealand
ABC Words with James Griffin 10 October and 17 October 2004
ABC North Coast NSW Mornings with Justine Frazier 30 July 2004

Sunday Star Times
23 May 2004
'The bones people' by Bron Sibree
The Bulletin 28 April 2004
'Clea Koff': Lunch with Jennifer Byrne
The Age 22 April 2004
'Down to the bare bones' by Christopher Bantick
ABC 612 Brisbane Morning Conversations with Steve Austin 19 April 2004

ABC 702 Sydney Afternoon with James Valentine 15 April 2004

ABC Adelaide 891
Morning with David
15 April 2004

ABC Online
- Margaret Throsby's Guests 14 April 2004
ABC Classic FM
ABC Canberra 666 Morning with Louise Maher 14 April 2004

2UE Sydney
Evenings with Murray Olds 14 April 2004

- Life Matters with Julie McCrossin (Second Hour)
13 April 2004

ABC - The 7.30 Report 13 April 2004 

'Book recalls Rwandan massacre' (TV Transcript)

The 7.30 Report


ABC 720 Perth - The Chat Room with Liam Bartlett 13 April 2004


ABC Radio Regional NSW Drive with James O'Brien 13 April 2004


ABC 936 Hobart Morning Statewide with Tim Cox 13 April 2004


South Africa

The Citizen 2 June 2005

'Letting the Dead Speak' by Julia Paterson


Cape Argus 19 May 2005

'Unearthing the truth' review by Beverly Roos Muller


The Sunday Independent 24 April 2005

'Boning up on the trail of brutality' by Beauregard Tromp


Rapport 24 April 2005

'Gesprekke met Begeentes' by Sonja Loots


The Cape Times 22 April 2005

'Skeletons that do the Talking' by Robyn Cohen


The Eastern Province Herald 11 March 2005

'True-life horrifying, fascinating account of dealing with the dead' - Review by Louise Liebenberg


Daily Dispatch 15 January 2005

'Chilling while compassionate' review by Nosipho Kota


Marie Claire November 2004

'Wonder Women: Ordinary women who are changing the world' by Georgia Black


MFM Radio  with Nantale Muwonge 20 September 2004


Radio 702 with Jenny Crwys-Williams 4 August 2004


Beeld Naweek 31 July 2004


Die Burger

Interview and review by Andre Pretorius


The Sunday Times 30 May 2004

'The sharp, ripe smell of death' Edited excerpt in 'Insight'


Panorama 15 May 2006

'La collezionista di ossa' by Marco de Martino



Corriere della Sera 25 September 2005

'Tra le ossa, per amore de memoria e giustizia' by Massimo Nava


Il Nuovo 10 December 2004

'La Signora delle Ossa' by Angelo Floramo



Espaces Temps March 2006

'Tout commenca au milieu des bananiers' by Hermann Beugre and Cristina d'Allesandro-Scarpari (review)

Cote Femmes December 2005

'Elles ont marque l'annee' by Sylvia Pinosa and Elisabeth Petit


La Croix 29/30 October 2005

'Clea Koff, archaeologue de l'humanitaire' by Francois d'Alancon


L'est Republicain 19 September 2005

'Clea Koff fait parler les morts' by Michel Vagner


Le Figaro (web) 2 June 2005

Elle May 2005

'Elle consacre sa vie aux victimes des genocides - celle qui fait parler les morts' by Dorothee Werner


Topo May 2005

In printemps litteraire (review)


Les Inrockuptibles 20/26 April 2005

'J'irai faire parler les vos tombes' by Sylvain Bourmeau


Telerama 13 April 2005

'Devoir d'invetaire' by Gilles Heure


Le Monde 9 April 2005

'Clea Koff: faire parler les morts' by Christine Rousseau


Marie Claire April 2005

'5 raisons de decouvrir...Clea Koff' by Fabrice Gaignault


Vogue April 2005



Figaro Madame 2 April 2005

'Les Memoires des os de Clea Koff' review by Phillipe Dufa


France Soir 29 March 2005

'Au coeur des charniers' by Laurence Ubrich


Liberation 25 March 2005

Portrait 'Restes d'humanite' by Judith Perrignon


Metro 24 March 2005

'La femme qui fait parler les morts' by Claire Cousin


Le Monde 2 12 March 2005

Idee Forte: Les os se souviennent by Frederic Joignot



Die Weltwoche 7 July 2005

'Knochen lugen nicht' by Till Hein



Forst & Sist 24 March 2006

Television interview by Fredrik Skavlan

Ny tid 24 March 2006

'Knokkelhviskeren' by Camilla Helena Wernersen

Radio P4 22 March 2006

Interview by Madeleine Cederstrom

21 March 2006 

'Beinharde bevis' by Arne Dvergsdal

Radio Kanal24 21 March 2006

Interview by Svein Tore Bergestuen

Radio NRK P2 19 March 2006

Interview by Alf Hartgen

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